Storage of tyres

-       Stored tyres may not be loaded, squeezed or stretched, since this can permanently deform the tyre.

-       In the case of a short-term storage (up to 4 weeks), tyres may be stored in a horizontal position, one on top of one another up to the height of 1.5m but only if a carrying carton in inserted in tyres.

-       For longer storage periods, tyres should be stored in a vertical position and slightly turned around once per month.

-       Store tyres at the temperature of below 25°C, even better below 15°C. Deformations are more likely if temperatures are higher. Prevent a direct contact with heat, radiators and hot pipes. Low temperatures can unfavourably affect tyres. Before use, cold tyres are to be warmed up to 25°C.

-       Store tyres in ozone-free spaces (away from electrical motors and other electrical equipment, which can produce sparks and other discharges that can cause or increase the concentration of ozone in the space), and spaces that are free from oxygen and chemical substances such as fuels, greases, chemicals, acids or disinfectants.

-       Store tyres away from sharp objects, which could damage rubber surface (sharp metal parts, wooden parts or other sharp objects.


-       General storing conditions have to be considered at storing coloured tyres. Furthermore, it should be considered that a coloured sidewall is extremely sensitive to dirt and direct exposure to sun light, which is why, tyres should be wrapped-up in foil and stored in a dark space.

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