Mitas motorcycle tire technology

The technology is unique and in many cases adapted to the tire type – cross (bias) ply, bias belted, and radial. Numerous special solutions are offered to meet customer requirements and expectations (markings, testing, special materials, etc.).

Our machinery and equipment – developed in-house or in cooperation with external specialists – are continuously upgraded and kept in good shape to provide safety in the manufacture of premium quality tires.

In the field of reinforcing materials and compounds, we cooperate with the renowned manufacturers of basic raw materials such as elastomers, fillers and special additives. The development of new compounds is aimed towards achieving the best performance indicators possible with emphasis on tire grip – a critical factor for a safe and pleasant motorcycle ride.

We pay special attention to providing a safe and healthy working environment, which is why we avoid using hazardous chemicals in the manufacturing processes.

With Immediate Grip Technology (IGT), maximum tire grip is ensured already from the first kilometre on. tires manufactured according to this technology do not need any surface treatments/paints, either before or after the curing process.
3-D Optimum Groove Technology (OGT 3D) is featured by optimum tread groove direction, optimum groove depth and less overheating of tread compounds.
Strong Carcass Technology (SCT) maintains the carcass rigidity at a high level even as the tire wears, thereby prolonging the optimum driving performance throughout the tire’s service life.

Using the finite elements analysis (FEA) and a special computer-assisted simulation, optimum tire construction was designed to achieve the highest level of grip, but at the same time rigid enough to achieve driving stability. FEA ensures optimal tread, construction and material definitions.

Optimum Steel Cord Technology (OSCT) allows defining the optimum construction of the reinforcing 0° steel cord as well as the optimum arrangement of steel cord breakers within a tire carcass. The end result is an ideally balanced tire, which ensures optimal contact patch between the tire and the road surface in all driving conditions, especially at greater lean avngles and higher speeds.
OSCT enables a precise determination of comfort and rigid zone position within a carcass. With a suitable zone position, either sports or touring characteristics of a tire, or a combination of both, can be emphasised.

With Multi Compound Tread Technology (MCTT) the central tread provides increased mileage, and the shoulder tread ensures superior grip at lean angles.