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Technology & Safety

The technology is unique and in many cases adapted to the tire type – cross (bias) ply, bias belted, and radial. Numerous special solutions are offered to meet customer requirements and expectati...
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Tire designations
Tire designations 1. Tire size: 180/55ZR17 2. Tread pattern designation: Sport Force+ 3. Manufacturer: Mitas 4. Country of origin: Slovenia 5. Speed category: (W) (>270 km/h) 6. Load index...
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Tire Constructions
With regard to the carcass type, tires can be divided in the following categories: Diagonal tires have the longest tradition and are most spread in the market. The carcass of a diagonal tir...
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Tire fitment
TUBE-TYPE TIRES Mounting procedure: When replacing the tire, use a new tube too. Make sure that rims are clean and well preserved. Check the condition of the rim and the flap and, if...
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Inflation pressure
It is of extreme importance that the specified inflation pressure is maintained. Driving with inadequately inflated tires can be very hazardous. If tires are underinflated, the temperature ri...
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Tire maintenance
Tires are the only part of a motorcycle, which are in contact with the road. Safety in acceleration, braking, steering and cornering thus depend on relative small contact area between the tire and...
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Storage of tires
Stored tires may not be loaded, squeezed or stretched, since this can permanently deform the tire. In the case of a short-term storage (up to 4 weeks), tires may be stored in a horizonta...
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Instructions and tips for users
Instructions and tips for users form a constituent part of the Warranty and Complaint Conditions of MITAS branded Motorcycle and Scooter Tires and Tubes Tires are the only part of a motorcyc...
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