At EICMA fair Mitas presents innovations in its adventure, on-road and off-road tires

Mitas, part of Trelleborg Group, is extending its adventure tire range by adding two new sizes to TERRA FORCE-R and two sizes to E-10 tread patterns. In addition, TERRA FORCE-R is featuring the all new Optimum Steel Cord Technology (OSCT), which ensures optimal contact area between the tire and the surface in all driving conditions. All innovations from the adventure, on-road and off-road Mitas tire ranges will be displayed at the Mitas stand, L52, in hall 10 of EICMA fairground.

Ksenija Bitenc, Director of Motorcycle Tires and Tubes Product Area, said: “Our aim is to strengthen Mitas in the adventure segment by offering riders complete range of tire sizes. The extension of TERRA FORCE-R and E-10 tread patterns demonstrates our strategy.” 

“We have also undertaken many development activities in the off-road and on-road segments. Improved SPORT FORCE+ and three new sizes of MC 50 are available worldwide. In the off-road range, Mitas is offering new sizes for all three versions of C-19 and new carcass construction of trial racing tire, ET-01 X-PRO.”

Innovations presented at EICMA fair:

Mitas TERRA FORCE-R with new OSCT technology

Dual purpose tire TERRA FORCE-R is designed for maxi enduro and trail motorbikes for use 90% on-road and 10% off-road. The tire is the ideal choice for commuters as well as adventurers who love longer rides with a passenger and luggage. The aim is to offer to both groups of riders a safe, dynamic and user-friendly tire.

Mitas TERRA FORCE-R is currently available in one front size (110/80R19) and two rear sizes (140/80R17 and 150/70R17). Another two sizes, 120/70R19 and 170/60R17, will be available in the second quarter of 2017. The completely new Mitas-developed Optimum Steel Cord technology means the tire is ideally balanced with optimal contact in all driving conditions, especially at greater lean angles and higher speeds.

Mitas E-10 for long road journeys and off-road sports use

The E-10 tread pattern is designed to be used 30% on-road and 70% off-road. It is developed as a universal adventure tire with excellent self-cleaning properties and superb directional control on soft and hard surfaces. The E-10 aggressive tread pattern is suitable for use on asphalt roads, poorly maintained tracks and light off-road terrain. On bends and corners, the E-10 gives a gentle turn-in and a stable follow-through with optimum directional control.

New sizes 120/70B19 and 170/60B17 of E-10 for big adventure motorbikes were tested during 2016 in various conditions in Europe, USA and South Africa. Based on the results, the optimal construction of carcass and tread compound were prepared. New sizes will be available in February 2017.

On-road sports tire Mitas MC 50 in new sizes

The new MC 50 sizes (80/100-17, 100/90-17 and 130/80-17) are classified as high-speed bias ply tires and are engineered for youngtimers and motorbikes of low and middle cubic capacity. Their tread pattern ends before the edge of the tire shoulder to facilitate an optimum contact area at maximum lean angles. .

The final goal in developing the compounds for the tires was to ensure the maximum grip in all weather conditions and give optimum life. They therefore incorporate recently developed raw materials, such as S-SBR elastomers and highly active fillers. All new sizes are currently available worldwide. 

New size of Mitas C-19 from February 2017

Three versions of new size 90/100-21 of popular tread pattern C-19 for bigger motocross and enduro motorbikes will be introduced to the market. The new tires have the same tread pattern but differ in the weight and compound. They are easily distinguished by a different color stripe. The green stripe version features a special softer tread compound and lighter carcass. Thanks to this, riders can enjoy an excellent grip on hard and extreme enduro terrains. The red stripe tire is well suited for motocross and the tire with the yellow stripe will be of interest for enduro riders.

ET-01 X-PRO for trial racing

The trial racing tire ET-01 X-PRO features a new construction of carcass and an extra soft tread compound. This allows excellent grip and riding properties of tire in wide range of terrains.

Improved motocross competition tires

Based on experiences gained in cooperation with MXGP sponsored teams I fly JK Racing and 62 Motosport Klemen Gerčar, Mitas has improved quality of tread compound for the motocross competition segment. The new formula of tread compound has a higher resistance to softening due to heating during operation and ensures optimum traction and driving performance throughout the race.

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